World of Al'Dravin

Deception revealed

- Roleplay in Befield
- Phames leaves
- Zeke tells Wyny Merday about the ogre vampire and his suspicions about his daughter’s involvement.
- Party goes to bandit hideout – fight bandits, fight Wyny, realize Balog the Nimble (ogre bandit captain) is not there.
- Traveling back to Befield from the hideout nonstop thinking that is were Balog is.
- 3am chance upon a meeting with Ogre’s and town’s folk.
- Cabal of people in town giving up strangers (town killed Odand’s wife) so the Ogres (from the ogre mage) will stop taking family members. Bandit raids were always a lie the leaders were telling the townsfolk that weren’t involved (the ones they are trying to protect).
- Odand kills Rusafro
- Zeke leaves to meet with Phames.
- Odand leaves.

Rolecheck: Rham, Taklinn, Glugg, Narshann



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