World of Al'Dravin

Glugg's return home Part 1

Glugg and the Stonebear tribe members he encountered in skull city teleported back to the land that once supported Akkar.  From Akkar they took the east road through Spandoria took the right fork south to kingsfleet in order to obtain a ship in the land of a thousand lakes.

From there they guided the ship through the rivers and canals until they were on the open sea.  A month on open waters they pulled the ship into a pinensula of land to restock previsions and rest on the land.  During the night they were set upon by sea hags and Merrow.  Tabarr’s three berserker captains died, along with …….  And ……..  fled in fear from the hags supernatural powers; she was not found.  Here they met a Sea Elf (a triton) and an orc shaman (druid). The next morning they set sail on the last leg of the journey and landed in Crescent Moon Bay where they hauled the boat up onto the land and concealed it with foliage.

The group decided to travel, first traveling through the light jungle area – which were ambushed again by roughly 10 trolls.  Quick thinking the shaman summoned crocodiles to help defend their camp and the another cast mass suggestion telling the trolls to travel to the Ashenfields to collect a particular type of rock.  The remaining dead trolls were tossed on the fire.  They continued their journey north through thicker jungle then traversed the jungle covered mountains until finally they arrived at Stonebear Enclave.

Glugg was questioned by the members of the tribe – many distrusting Tabarr’s choice in bringing glug here, especially by the new Chiief Tabarr left in charge when he left.  Glugg, the chief, and Tabarr (the chiefs, met in the chief’s bone hut to converse – then ‘transcend’.  Here Glugg went on a spirit journey; flying through the air to the north over the Stonebears old home – now occupied by Jogug Blackhand – then south to the battlefield where the Stonebears were ambushed by Lizardfolk (betrayed by glugg’s own father and current chief at the time).  Glugg continued south and witnessed Mt. Spire erupt creating the ashen fields. The journey made one last stop, over the White spindle forest (where gluggs father was said to have left – never to be heard from again) he glimpsed an oasis – before his spirit journey ended and Glugg was ripped back into his material body. 

Many of the tribe wanted to believe Glugg but needed proof. So glug and the tribesmen from skullcity accompanied Glugg on a quest to prove his heritage and his claims to the tribesmen – they journeyed southwest to White spindle forest to find answers.  Before they departed the current chief stopped glug and told him there were reports that the blackhand clan were on a war march and possibly traveling south, they would defend their home but told glug to hurry.

They traveled south of the Ashenfields through the swamp for many days until they came to White spindle forest, a forest of colossal mushroom stalks, florescent bugs and plants, and pools of glowing water.  The sunlight above, cast through the canopy of toadstools, illuminated the area with a prismatic hue.  The deeper they went the more clustered and alien the landscape became.  Until it broke into a clearing and the oasis from Glugg’s spirit Journey. 

The oasis here was home to a crystal clear lake – yet nothing living resided here – there was utter silence. Many of the tribesmen drank from the ice cold water fed by subterranean cavern streams and rivers.  Glugg found his fathers drinking horn berried in the bed of the lack.  The triton sensed something off about the water and instructed everyone to stop drinking from it and leave it be. 

Others cast their gaze to the sky, through the clearing of the toadstool canopies, and discovered an ancient temple hidden on the side of a cliff of the nearest mountain face – it was surrounded by massive Rocs spiraling around the keep defensively.  The decided to investigate. 

They flew up the cliff face with spells and magical items and reached the entrance way without attracting the attention of gargantuan Rocs.  The doors and halls inside the structure was built for giants, the walls were covered in vines and roots dripping water down to the soft and spungy floor where centuries of moss and algae had grown to form a new floor.  Scouting the area the group found an ancient scroll hidden inside the nook of roots. It was a letter from Gluggs father.  Further search uncovered a carved figurine of a beholder.

Continuing their search, the group heard a strange speech coming from behind a sturdy wooden door.  With the use of Gluggs animal companion they spyed a floating orb with many eye stalks resembling the beholder figurine.  The others convinced glug we need to engage the creature and move deeper into the structure.  With that Glugg kicked in the door and were instantly fired upon by the beholder’s eye rays for intruding.  The beholder had three Cloaker minions as well; one of which attached to the beholder like a cape.  The druid summoned a small army of tiny pixies and put the beholder to sleep and the day was one, but not before the triton was almost killed by the Cloakers.  The beholder had a room of extremely organized belongingss including…

Past the beholder’s room the party chose to skip the strange muddy watery hole in the hallway and instead went upstairs towards the sound of howling winds.  At the top of stairs was strong iron door… which glug pulled off its hinges with his immense strength and used the door to divert the storm strength winds.  They were standing at the summit of the mountain where a humanoid figure floating in the center of the room was channeling some kind of energy creating the gusting winds.  Above the man grasping hold of the edges of the room were multiple huge giant hands frozen in time.  Sensing a change the humanoid turned and dropped his concentration on the spell, it was Gluggs father, Kegg.  But much older, impossibly old and impossibly alive – after 900 years. 

After a touching reunion Kegg explained his side of the story and what had happened.  He wasn’t the monster history made him to be.  Kegg gave his son Glugg his legendary hammer Runeclaw as well as his Roc feather cloak.  Glugg gave Kegg the letter and the drinking horn when the giant hands began to move – grasping hold of the edges of the building beginning to lift the giant’s bodies up into view.  Kegg told Glugg and the others that they couldn’t stay, it’s too dangerous and to avoid the waters of the Oasis.  He called down one of the Rocs and told Kegg the Roc would take them to safety away from this place and hurridly told Glugg he will have a yearning to return, return to the pools of the oasis – but he must not, at all cost he should never return here with that he began the ritual again and with it the winds blasted the area subdueing the giants again – freezing them in place, motionless, caught in a variation of a timestop spell.

Atop the wide back of the monstrous eagle Roc they made their way back to Stonebear Enclave…. And that is where the journey ended for now.



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