World of Al'Dravin

Glugg's return home Part 2

Sacrifice and liberation

Will come back to add more later.. just wanted to notate those who died.

Honored Dead:

Ingeg – female druid who wanted to seek fame & glory

Thall - male ranger with a tattoo on his face (died at the battle of Charhelm Fort)

Kadla - female half orc / half elf barbarian died in the hag fight but was reincarnated by Krong as a male dwarf – she was foolhardy and selfish… and died again when Glugg was retaking Zuria.

Gerda – female barbarian – smushed by a hill giants stone throw when trying to buy time for the rest of the stonebear tribe to escape.

Hildga – female primal alchemist – died when glugg was retaking Zuria


Gaga – female ranger wielding a glaive and had a golden eagle animal companion named Varch (fled from the Hag fight in terror never to be seen again)


Geirfi, Orkek, Farsark, Jogug, Krong, Feng, Glugg, Nalos, Tabarr, Dell, Ogre.



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