World of Al'Dravin

Thamior's Letter

Merrin and Khemed,

There has never been a more sobering experience than total defeat. We were bested. Perhaps it was because we were outmatched or overwhelmed. Perhaps it was due to our lack of strategy that we lost Sloth, Brumple, and Zeed… Whatever the reason, it cannot happen again and I will be prepared for it next time.

We’ve lost three lifelong friends in that place and more life is destined to that fate unless we stop it. We’ve lost our way, lost our stuff, and lost our friends. We must regroup. We must rearm. We must train. We must prevail.

I must go to my masters in the guild and learn more about inflicting wounds and being ruthless. My days of being an enforcer in the guild are done – I now enlist as an Assassin so that I may extract my payment on those who have taken so much.

My friends I implore you do the same. Cloudhi knows of the threats now and we can do no more good for them in our condition. Let us face that place one again when we are better equipped and better trained. We cannot let those bastards have their way.

Until Next Time,
Thamior Johnson



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