World of Al'Dravin

The Akkar conflict - Part three


 <time datetime=“2017-01-16T17:20:42-06:00”>January 16, 2017</time>

The Ironhand Defense:

The second large scale assault upon the city, Alderhide opened the engagement with numerous probing assaults and skirmishes around the borders of the city. Forcing the defenders to spread out over the entire perimeter of the city. This lasted for most of the day and night prior to the major assault. The actual battle began some time in the night when a large number of shocktroops were dropped into the middle of the city and the area surrounding the southern gate to provide cover while they quickly brought down the Southern Gate. Ironhand, with 30 of his Dragoons managed to arrive and hold the breech before the Army could move more than a few hundred men into the city.

Ironhand held till the last, bleeding from several fatal wounds he and his men kept fighting. As a force of Volunteers, Dwarven peacekeepers and mages arrived to reinforce him, his men pulled him from the battle. But as the fighting continued and the mages partitioned off the breech, They could not disengage the combatants and seal the holes. As all but the leaders of the reinforcements pulled back, Ironhand rolled out of his stretcher, taking a sword from a wounded soldier, he ran out to join the last line, The Rhino Rider, covered in carnage and gore, The skullhelm on the rhino combined with the eyeless mask of the rider making them resemble some demon or phantom of nightmares, Tam dancing among the bodies, his scimitar leaving a unending trail of blood in the air as he moved from slice to slice. Brock, exploding from beneath a pile of bodies, hewing through everything in his vacinity. And Warrick unleashing torrents of energy as he alternated between sustaining his allies and forcing back enemies.

Ironhand ran through just as they sealed the partition, locking the six of them out of the walls. A few moments later there was the long blast of a horn and a fog descended on the area. And the the rider was off, Fog billowing around him as the Rider and seven wraith like figures began plowing through the army, a trail of thick fog in their wake.

As the fog cleared all that remained at the gate was Ironhand, Dead on his feet, held upright by the bodies of the fallen around him, Axe raised eternally for the next foe to step before him.



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