World of Al'Dravin

The Akkar conflict - Part two


 <time datetime=“2017-01-16T17:16:49-06:00”>January 16, 2017</time>

The Southgate Reaping:

The first major Clash of the Siege, Near two months into the siege, the Alderhide forces, seemingly frustrated at the failures of their infiltration and sabotage teams, (Due in primarily to the diligence and brutality of the Hand’s counter infiltration precautions.), launched a full scale assault upon the Southern gate to the city.

After near two hours of artillery and siege weapon fire Alderhide had rendered massive structural damage to the South Gate and its surrounding walls. They sent a force of near 3000 towards the walls with rams and ladders. The Peacekeepers and the Volunteers made a grand showing, holding the walls for nearly two hours as the mages scrambled to repair the damage done. The decisive end to the battle was when a mixed group of 30 members of The Hand and Univeristy arrived to the wall and within a minute had unleashed a wave of death on the assaulting forces, resulting in the near total annihilation of the assaulting force.

The end result of this being the one battle undoubtedly won by the defenders, and the day that forced the Alderhide tacticians to truly change how they would wage war. None could think of a time in which a army had been brought to bear against that amount of sheer magical force.



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