World of Al'Dravin

The third Karavakos ' Kravak, the damned'

Discordant cliff notes:

- Flesh golem with face of Dian’na
- Helmed horror torturer (red hot poker and flaying knife
- Undead grasping hands near hols
- blood drainage
- bone devils
- flame skulls
- Kravak the damned

- Gharash attacks the bone devil with Andaron’s staff – in result Andaron’s seeds erupt from their carriers arms and collide into the bone devil. The spirit of Andaron emerges and takes over the bone devil to assist in the fight against Karavakos.

- After the fight Andaron’s staff levitates above the blood drain grate and plummets beneath, moments later a tree of life sprouts with restful fruit. Once everyone plucks a fruit the tree reverts to the staff.

- Zeke ties to communicate with Andaron’s spirit that does not speak. Andaron points at the staff. Zeke, running out of time, decides to attempt something spontaneous and pulls out the scroll of resurrect and performs it on the staff. Andaron’s spirit gets pulled into staff which creaks, grows, and extends into the physical manifestations of Andaron.

- Role check: Zeke, Taklinn, Rham, Narshan, Glugg, Odand, Phames, Gharash Vren, and gain Andaron.



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