World of Al'Dravin

Time Ravager

- Time passage – 750 days (please refer to downtime forum).
- Befield has grown.
- refuges from Zuria.
- Revenants attack individual party members
- Braznog joins the group
- Find a few books from the temple in strange places. When they are opened – even stranger things occur.
- Party meet’s Shiroto
- Shiroto has some of the books but won’t sell them. After being pressed he finally sells one. Says he’s going to Zuria to meet a contact to sell the other book.
- Party offers to guard his wagaon on the way.
- On the travel to Zuria
- Get “observed” by lycanthrope creatures during the bloodmoon camp.
- Hags attempt to lure party to death in swamp.
- Observe herd of skeletal horses.
- Attacked by hell hounds
- Ghouls attempt an ambush – party handles it.
- 5 miles out away from Zuria all vegetation is dead or dying

Role check: Rham, Taklinn, Narshan, Glugg, Braznog, Shiroto



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