World of Al'Dravin

Tomb of Horror aftermath

Last couple session cliff notes:

Roll call: PCs: Zeke, Amon, Taklinn, Glugg, Bingbong — NPCs: Rham, Zyna, Shaldoor, Valholic, Kalett, Odand

1. Adventurers complete the tournament that was rigged against them.  Necromancers of Skull city trapped all players except Bingbong in cube of force and forced them to fight against each other.  Zeke and the others attempted to fool the necromancers with fog clound and other spells but the necromancers weren't having any of it.  Necromancers sent the Tortured Angel, mind controled Odand and Mind controlled Zyna into the arena.  The players broke out of the force cage with antimagic field and zeke sent a lot of people back to their native plane (including the angel and odand – who was getting ready to cast a fireball with wand of fireballs but was wisked away to his 'home' which is the orphanage he sponors……)

Bingbong defeated the occupants of the tower and the necromancers were routed.  They freed a luck dragon who granted each player a wish for freeing it and became a familiar to Amon.


Zeke – wished the curse "inflicting" Cas to go away so Valholic can get his final revenge (the curse was passed to valholic).  Vengeance paladin that can never die…  Valholic in turn granted Zeke a favor that zeke can call upon.

Amon - wished to protect Akkar (it was teleported – the entire city – to the Yin empire)

Taklinn - wished for knowledge and rituals for crafting in artificers magic and golem crafting

Bingbong – wished for god armor (received armor of an angel)

Glugg – ??

Kalett / Rham / Valholic / Zyna / Shaldoor – all unknown wishes


Back at Zyna's stronghold the party was set upon by Acerak and his aspects of demigod / demon lords (Nerull, he who was, orcus, god-golem, demogorgon, acerak himself).  Valholic perished (but was reborn due to the wish – somewhere random in the world).


Glugg picked up Nerull's scythe, zeke picked up the eye from Acerak's skull, Bingbong picked up a flaming broadsword, among other treasures.


Amon and Taklinn rebuilt Zyna's stronghold and started working on Zeke's cathedral in their downtime.



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