World of Al'Dravin

Your time has come

These are just quick notes with a lock of a lot of detail.

Roll call: PCs: Zeke, Amon, Taklinn, Bingbong — NPCs: not present

The party is caught in a net of timestop – and A Time Guardian showed up with a group of Inevitables, Maruts to defeat Taklinn and zeke for their crimes again the flow of time.

The time guardian rang it's bell three times before the combat was over and fast forwarded time outside of the timestop zone by 10 years.  The Time Guardian's weapon was used as Zeke's bell in his cathedral bell tower.


The party stayed in Zyna's compound and Zeke's cathredral for a month while Amon was preparing a riitual teleportation spell to get them back to the Akkar land.

Amon completed the ritual and He, along with Glugg (gluggs tribesman), Taklinn, and Bingbong appeared in the middle of a great frozen battleground…. where Akkar once was… but nothing of Akkar remains… no buildings – only a battleground of frozen corpses.  They saw Akkar inhabitants, alderhyde troops, some dwarves, the body of Stormkirk (covered in strange gem like beetles), along with the corpse of Travok leaning up against a pile of frozen bodies.

amon experimented with the beetle and discovered it drains spell levels.  there were many of these beetles on stormkirk.  Additionally it was addictive when it bit amon.  he felt ephoria.  

In this new land of Ragon - time has moved forward in time by 10 years – Alderhyde has taken near complete control of the continent of Ragon.  Magic users are illegal and magical items have been detained by Alderhyde troops under Vylarian's command.  The commoners love Vylarian.  And Alderhyde is well respected for the protection of the realm.



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