Asier, The Savior of Brookgrove

Elder Cleric of Doris


217 Year old Half-Elf Cleric of Samas. Savior of Brookgrove.

Owner of the Crook of Rao
The Crook of Rao allows the wielder to turn evil outsiders (demons, devils, yugoloths, and so on) as a 20th-level cleric. Turned outsiders are instead banished to their home plane for 100 years.

An evil outsider’s summoning abilities do not function within a mile radius of the Crook. Further, the bearer of the Crook of Rao gains a +3 deflection bonus to AC against attakes made by evil creatures. In combat, the Crook serves as a +3 quarterstaff, with successful hits driving evil outsiders to their plane of origin unless they make a successful Wisdom save (DC 20).


Born to a single mother, As a boy he grew to adulthood among the streetgangs of Alderhyde. Joined a missionary order of Samas at the age of 16, putting to work his near supernatural intuition regarding the treatment and prevention of plague and disease.

Traveled the world for 94 years as a healer and teacher. Often in the company of hero’s and the valiant. But never craving the honors and glory of his companions.

Gained Renown during his 110th year of life during the Rape of Brookgrove. While his companions, broken and near death tried to lead the 500 innocents of that town away from their attackers. Exhausted, in one last bid to save the victims of this fiendish raid, Asier fell back into the host, projecting a sphere of divine energy around himself, expanding it to contain host of diabolic assailants, Standing in the middle of the vast barrier, Chanting his prayers as the trapped fiends turned their wrath on him, the litany unwavering through bloody lips as the survivors were lead to safety, his benediction unfaltering from his broken body as the remaining defenders returned to strike down the foul assailants. And as the last beast fell, so to did the cleric, bearing grievous wounds that no mortal could endure. As his companions and the remaining defenders gathered around, grief striken by the loss of such a gentle soul, There was a flash of light, and a ember of life was rekindled within the earthly vessel of Asier.

Survivors say that as the Cleric, a being who had not raised a hand in violence against any living creature in the memory of any who knew him, stood amidst the horde, as the beast tried in vain to push through the divine barrier, that night seemed to turn bright as day. And for every blow that struck the cleric, two were turned away by the blades of ethereal angels as they wove in and out of the fray.

Asier, The Savior of Brookgrove

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