Booyahg the Vile


Booyahg is sort of a spellcasting savant who accidentally became a lich via a magical book he found withing the horde of treasure the goblins raided and were going to deliver to a dragon. He does not know was a phylactery is, much less if he has one. He constantly taunts his enemies in combat and seems to cast the right spell out of sheer will of wanting it to happen – or so he claims.

while in his natural form his entire facial skull is visible as it melted away after reading the mythical spell book granting him his lichdom.

he speaks in a soft but slightly higher pitched voice that drips with vemon and hidden agendas.

He is currently wielding the Skull staff (granted to him by Zeke) after Zeke found the Rod of Absorption. Booyagh also has a rod of stone golem control and the book of the stilled tongue.

Image of Booyahg hiding his lichdom



Booyahg the Vile

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