Farsark Gro'mok


Farsark was the most recent chief of the Stonebear tribe when Tabarr appointed him leader when Tabarr left.

Aged and wise but skillful with his unique double battleaxe


Farsark time again has put his life on the life for the sake of his people. He chose to stay behind and buy the Stonebears time during their escape to face Jogug Blackhand and his warband. With the help a a very few – exceptionally powerful allies and a number of remaining stonebear tribe’smen willing to give their lives for the safety of their tribe they turned the tide of the battle and defeated Jogug’s warband. Jogug and Farsark were close to ending it in single combat when Mt. Spire erupted

Farsark went on to fight Charhelm Fort and survived, and again in Zuria against the inevitables.

Farsark now stands beside Glugg, Tabarr, and even Jogug in Zuria.

level 12 barbarian


Farsark Gro'mok

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