Feron Boltus

Leader of the United Clergy


A devout servant of Tyrannius, reserved and severe. Neutral Good.


The churches of Ragon have become political machines and forces of great social influence. Feron Boltus understands this better than most. After spending years of study and worship of Taranius, Feron had slowly moved through the ranks of the church and was seen as a stern person who preferred solitude. As she grew into her leadership role, her church superiors began asking her to do things that she was not comfortable with, sometimes going against what she understood was the true will of Taranius. Her concerns would always be brushed off as her not seeing the whole picture, but she did not buy this line. She eventually decided to separate from the church peacefully, but her superiors were not pleased with her insubordination. They tried to hunt her down for penance and reeducation, but she fled to Akkar to set up her own Church, the United Clergy, knowing they would be an accepting sort. She now represents this church in the Court of Seven.

Feron Boltus

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