Finnian, the Weaver

Leader of the Coalition of the Bardic Arts


A very persuasive and fun-loving halfling, compact and confident. Neutral Good.


As you may imagine, life isn’t always easy for a halfling born into poverty. Luckily for Finnian, his natural proclivity for influential magic combined with true charm and wiles allowed him to climb out of the muck often without ever encountering a physical confrontation. Finnian was known to press his luck, but he knew in truth luck had nothing to do with it. Once he came of age, he started to tour the circuit of cities of Ragon, earning a minor fortune over the years and making many bard acquaintances. He was always a mentor to the younger, and sometimes older, bards he traveled with and when he made the decision to base his operations in Akkar, many followed suit and he started the Coalition of the Bardic Arts. He is also their representative in the Court of Seven.

Finnian, the Weaver

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