Krag Goldren

Leader of The Sculptors


Chief of a tribe of shaman, a powerful orc sorcerer. Chaotic Neutral.

Origins suspected to be from the Ogrelands and still has possible ties to the cults.


In the orc tribes of the southern lands, some receive the gift of magic and are venerated as a sort of spiritual leader. The Sculptors, the tribe of Krag Goldren is different in that all of its members have received this gift. After generations, their honing of magic has moved beyond a spiritual guide, they have learned to harness the power of the elements around them. Their surrounding tribes would come to them in times of need, but generally feared them, sometimes to the point of disdain. Between the recent movements of the southern tribes and the formation of Akkar, Krag decided that the best course for his community would be to relocate permanently to a place where their gifts would be better understood. He is now a member of the Court of Seven.

Krag Goldren

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