Lord Kasimir Ghalen


“Do not contradict your betters”

Appearance: wears earings
Talents: Can read lips
Mannerisms: Speaks loudly
interaction traits: patient
Ideals: status
Bonds: Owns an intelligent magic item (Chamberlain) that is slowly draining him of life force
Flaws: Enjoys a reputation as a brave warrior of times past but this is all a lie and is really cowardly


Lord Kasimir Ghalen, put in charge over a small town with enough men at arms to protect the town from small threats and a sizable militia. He is the father of Camille Ghalen and the man who sent the town militia to attack a larger force with no support. Rumors say it was due to Rham leading the militia, who has the love interest of his daughter. His true motives are unknown. Unknown level sorcerer.

Lord Kasimir Ghalen

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