Ancient One

Human Sized Dwarf-like Gearforged Body.


Attributes of Ancient One
Legendary Heavy Armor (Requires attunement)

Ability Scores:

  • Strength: Becomes 20
  • Constitution: Becomes 20

Gearforged Race:

  • Immunity to Disease
  • Immunity to Poison damage
  • Immunity to the Poisoned condition
  • You cannot Eat, Drink, or Breathe.
  • You cannot gain any benefit from potions, food, or vapors.
  • You cannot sleep but must perform maintenance during rest periods. While performing maintenance you have disadvantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks

Taklinnite Make

  • Natural Armor Class of 20
  • Immunity to Rust damage
  • Immunity to Rust Monster effects
  • Resistance to Acid damage
  • Reduce all damage taken from non-magical sources by 6

Taklinnite Fists:

  • Unarmed strikes are considered magical
  • Unarmed strikes bypasses resistance to non-magical damage
  • Unarmed Strike damage is 1d4 + Strength modifier

Ancient One

Ancient One is 6’ tall and is a special Gearforged body that a creature can attune to. Once attuned, they merge with the Soul Gem that powers the body and control it as they would their own body. While suspended in the Soul Gem the attuned creature does not age at all. They do not require nourishment of any kind.

The Ancient can be repaired as long as the Soul Gem remains intact but requires the rituals of the Artificers to perform. Destroying the Soul Gem requires a creature to return the Soul Gem to the great Soulforge in the heart of Mithralforge City and strike it with a Taklinnite Hammer.

Constructed like a Human Sized Dwarf, built to house the soul of any being that so wished to bind to Ancient One, it stands at 6’ tall with broad shoulders. Head like a Dwarf with Mithral strands on it’s chin like a beard.

The shell is made of plates and various meshes of Taklinnite (a metallic alloy of Adamantine and Mithral) to protect the innards. Throughout the surface of the Ancient One’s body are Dwarven Runes that hold the power binding the machine together. Within the hardened shell, in addition to Everwound Springs, rests platinum cables and mithral strands for muscle strands and the basis of the nervous system.

A Soul Gem, roughly the size of a Halfling’s fist, is set into the forehead of this large metallic body that glows faintly while a creature is attuned to it.

Ancient One

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