World of Al'Dravin

Joining with Gharrosh Vren and 1st Karavakos fight

- Gharrosh vren encounter – fight a werewolf and make an ally out of gharrosh vren
- Recruit Gharrosh Vren, Owens, Vincis, Glugg, and Phames
- Karavakos fight
- Vincis dies
- Mithral key found
- Eternal storm obtained
- Up the stairs to fight gargoyals and harpy
- Phames dies but is resurrected by Zeke’s God
- Party roll call: Zeke, Rham, Taklinn, Narshan, Andaron, Deann’na, Gharrosh, Owens, Phames, Glugg

The meeting of Cig

- Encounter with the bandits
- Teleport hall and flame jet room.
- Deann’na and devil encounter in chapel
- Recruit Deann’na
- Up and around to the rear of Gharrosh Vren gang
- Party roll call: Zeke, Rham, Taklinn, Narshan, Andaron, Deann’na

Lizardfolk and water chutes

- Down through the ladder and water room back to the ettin pit and up this time to the room that caved in with refuse and rats.
- To the right down into water and lizardfolk
- Vyrellis life force in hidden room
- Party roll call: Zeke, Rham, Taklinn, Narshan, Andaron

Finding Frostrazer

- Ambush hall with mirrors and flameskull (wand of fireballs)
- Chamber of the monoliths – vyrellis’ body
- See stairs
- The Ice chamber – Trathkul. Frostrazer obtained
- Riddle square
- Party roll call: Zeke, Rham, Taklinn, Narshan, Andaron

The Charnel Lord

- Half the party deals with the harpys, sahuagin bridge room, other half deal with boar and arborians from behind
- Attempt to full rest but trigger the pivoting floor and wall trap starting the charnel lord fight
- Andaron reveals himself as an arborian druid bard / arch enemy of the charnel lord
- Gary dies
- Andaron creates tree of life from necrosis of charnel lord
- Andaron enhanced full rest
- Party roll call: Zeke, Rham, Taklinn, Narshan, Andaron

Meeting Andaron

- Camnor, Arborian ritual leader, with plant terror and cave bear
- Short rest or full rest?
- Andaron, satyr bard, and pit of plant terrors
- Ettercap and spider illusion room
- Travel past other arborian room and into charnel lord area
- Cade disappears… and subsequently died.
- Party gets split – flanking on both sides
- Party roll call: Zeke, Rham, Taklinn, Narshan, Gary, Andaron

Headtaker Ettin

- Gurrak the ettin headtaker
- Kater Dies
- Vyrellis orb found
- Arborean encounters
- Party roll call: Zeke, Taklinn, Narshan, Cade, Gary

Beginning of Timetravel to Pyramid of Shadows

- Rham takes portal to Alderhyde
- RP in Silentone’s tower
- Meet and RP with Smeragdus
- time travel
- Jungle encounter and karavakos
- Cune dies
- Party roll call: Zeke, Taklinn, Narshann, Cade, Kater, Gary

Recap of Gray land to Silentone's tower

- Awoke in grey mist
- Recruit Narshan
- Narshan meets an Inevitable
- Zeke gains a friend…
- Zeke gets his eye replaced with blue sapphire
- Recruit Kater, Cade, Gary, Cune
- Rescued by old sage
- Reunited with Odand
- Party roll call: Zeke, Rham, Taklinn, Narshan, Cade, Kater, Gary, Cune

Counterstrike on the Bandit camp
vampire spawns, riddles, and death

• The party assists the town for the next two weeks cutting down surrounding trees and contrust a fence around the town.

• Duri decides to travel to Zuria with Axund Bogison in search of his son.

• Odand – the tiefling rogue – asks to join the party after overhearing them talking about tracking down the bandits that fled to meet this ogre vampire threat headon. afterall, he used to be a bandit himself and knows how they think.

• The bandit camp, known and blackskull, was north of the dwarven structure. Odand sniffed out multiple traps and ultimately found the entrance. The hideout is literally a giant blackened skull sitting atop the ground with ruins strewn all about.

• once inside the heros were presented with a gruesome scene, dead bandits laying about all with missing hands. the bodies were lying – like a trail – to the back of the cave.

slowly treading through the cave the party was ambushed by numberous severed hands – all moving on their own accord. The hands were jumping, scratching, gripping, and clawing but Ezekiel made quick work of them with a radiant bomb.

• just after three bandit vampire spawns assaulted the group but they too ultimately were defeated with expert tactics and sunlight (Rham’s positioning tactics and Ezekiel blowing a hole in the top of the hideout). However, one vampire spawn fled deeper into the cavern – into a secret trap door leading underground. While the party was searching for the bandit vampire spawn – wyny appeared from no where and urged the party to leave this alone. They are out of their league and assured them he will take care of everything. Wyny dissapeared in a gout of flame just as fast as he appeared.

• The party didn’t feel much like trusting Wyny and didn’t want to leave this bandit issue where it lies and decided to persue the vampire spawnling once they found where he had escaped.

Down below the ground, the party was exposed to a sensation very alien to them. Everything was different than the world above. magical tingling and odd creatures scurried about. the adventurers pressed on defensively until they came upon a great stone carving of a sphynx half burried with other stone statues. as the party approached to investigate the scene they heard a voice in their minds; A riddle. One by one each member answered and one by one each hero’s life force drifted away. The world went black.


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