World of Al'Dravin

Thamior's Letter

Merrin and Khemed,

There has never been a more sobering experience than total defeat. We were bested. Perhaps it was because we were outmatched or overwhelmed. Perhaps it was due to our lack of strategy that we lost Sloth, Brumple, and Zeed… Whatever the reason, it cannot happen again and I will be prepared for it next time.

We’ve lost three lifelong friends in that place and more life is destined to that fate unless we stop it. We’ve lost our way, lost our stuff, and lost our friends. We must regroup. We must rearm. We must train. We must prevail.

I must go to my masters in the guild and learn more about inflicting wounds and being ruthless. My days of being an enforcer in the guild are done – I now enlist as an Assassin so that I may extract my payment on those who have taken so much.

My friends I implore you do the same. Cloudhi knows of the threats now and we can do no more good for them in our condition. Let us face that place one again when we are better equipped and better trained. We cannot let those bastards have their way.

Until Next Time,
Thamior Johnson

Time Ravager

- Time passage – 750 days (please refer to downtime forum).
- Befield has grown.
- refuges from Zuria.
- Revenants attack individual party members
- Braznog joins the group
- Find a few books from the temple in strange places. When they are opened – even stranger things occur.
- Party meet’s Shiroto
- Shiroto has some of the books but won’t sell them. After being pressed he finally sells one. Says he’s going to Zuria to meet a contact to sell the other book.
- Party offers to guard his wagaon on the way.
- On the travel to Zuria
- Get “observed” by lycanthrope creatures during the bloodmoon camp.
- Hags attempt to lure party to death in swamp.
- Observe herd of skeletal horses.
- Attacked by hell hounds
- Ghouls attempt an ambush – party handles it.
- 5 miles out away from Zuria all vegetation is dead or dying

Role check: Rham, Taklinn, Narshan, Glugg, Braznog, Shiroto

Zeke's Journal

Ezekiel | Day 1: The writ phames gave was much greater a gift than I thought. It seems he is royalty. Still, Even with his pull, Odand and the beast that came from the misty hell was not permitted into the heavily fortified elven kingdom. Even though I hadn’t known him a year, it was hard saying goodbye to Odand. Still, a part of me knows it was for the best. I don’t know how difficult this new journey I’m about to embark on will be, but I feel like I must take it alone.

Day 14: My god has left me. At first I thought I was just weary from the time pyramid, but the last few days I can feel my power fading. The clouds are not all dark though. Phames has just told me that the elders have deemed me “A valuable tool in the coming war”. I don’t yet know what that means, but Phames made it sound like it was a great honor.

Day 20: It seems I will be able to walk normally again. The elven mystics know some ritual to give me a mythril leg. One that moves like a normal one. I can’t imagine how this is possible, but I don’t know the massive depths of their power.

Day 23: It worked. I can run again. This is incredible. This leg is stronger than steel, yet it moves a flesh. It shouldn’t be possible, but when I beat the elven children in a race today, it definitely seemed real. Now that my mobility has been restored, Phames and I will begin training tomorrow. I might not have my old god’s power anymore, but I refuse to sit idly by while the warriors of this place train for the war their sages are predicting.

Day 45: I haven’t had much free time for things like writing or even thinking. The training Phames and his royal guards are putting me through is the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced. We fight until I lay beaten and broken. Then they heal wounds, restore my stamina, and then we fight again. The days in the training grove seem longer than usual. I swear it seems as if 2 whole days pass between sunrise and sunset. Well, Phames is calling, breaks over.

Day 82: My mastery with two blades rivals Phames himself. At least that’s what one of the royal guards told me in confidence. I’ve been having dreams lately. Dreams of battle, dreams of a beautiful elven priestess. When I spoke to Phames about this, he told me I was dreaming of Althaea. The Priestess of a war god named Varas. It turns out she is coming here in a few days. These elves sure know how to make an entrance.

Day 86: I met the priestess from my dreams. She called me by my name in celestial. Something about her beauty made me protective of her. The moment I saw her eyes, I knew I’d never let anything harm her.

Day 90: Well, though I’d still lay down my life before I let something harm Althaea, whatever got through me, would absolutely fall to her personal bodyguard Brogan. Brogan is a knight of Varas. He wields something called a vorpal blade. I’ve yet to even see it out of his sheathe because he claims it’s too dangerous. During our break from training, Brogan challenged Phames and I to a friendly dual. I naturally thought he meant two individual duals. As it turned out, he meant both of us against him. Before this day, I would have sworn there wasn’t anything on this world that could dodge the flurry of blades that Phames and myself produced. Brogan never even drew his sword. He simply dodged every attack we made. Finally, after my ego had suffered fully, we both yielded to his prowess. This truly is a warrior’s enclave.

Day 113: I’ve had many talks with Althaea lately. Her knowledge of divine power seems limitless. Her teachings of the war god Varas are ever inspiring. Althaea thinks that one day Varas may choose to grant me his blessing. I would certainly accept it.

Day 137: I can feel it. While training today I felt a divine power just waiting to be released. I will always remember today.

Day 190: Between my training with Phames and my studies with Althaea, I can feel my potential growing. Taranius was all about focusing and projecting your divine energy in battle. Varas’ teachings are way different. Why expel your energy from your body at all? Keep it inside. Use it to augment your attacks, to strengthen your weapons, to guide your blade and harden your armor. This will be last entry for a while. With my divine powers growing, I need to start meditating in my free time.

Day 365: This marks a year since that day at Befield. My divine muscles grow. I feel as strong as I was that day 1 year ago. To mark the occasion, Phames had a sword commissioned for me. It’s craftsmanship was truly something to behold. It seems light as a feather. It’s the perfect vessel to receive Varas’ blessing. I must get stronger for the war the sage’s speak of. Whatever is coming, we need to be ready to stop it.

Day 600: I had almost forgotten about this journal. It seems like so many years have passed since that day. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. I can feel Varas talking to me almost every night. This world is changing. Different parts of the world are all gathering strength for something. I don’t think they mean to rival each other. It feels like many desires are reaching their climax. I’m not sure what’s coming. It may be a war centuries in the making, but through Varas I can feel the armies across the world starting to take the final breathe before the plunge.]]

Deception revealed

- Roleplay in Befield
- Phames leaves
- Zeke tells Wyny Merday about the ogre vampire and his suspicions about his daughter’s involvement.
- Party goes to bandit hideout – fight bandits, fight Wyny, realize Balog the Nimble (ogre bandit captain) is not there.
- Traveling back to Befield from the hideout nonstop thinking that is were Balog is.
- 3am chance upon a meeting with Ogre’s and town’s folk.
- Cabal of people in town giving up strangers (town killed Odand’s wife) so the Ogres (from the ogre mage) will stop taking family members. Bandit raids were always a lie the leaders were telling the townsfolk that weren’t involved (the ones they are trying to protect).
- Odand kills Rusafro
- Zeke leaves to meet with Phames.
- Odand leaves.

Rolecheck: Rham, Taklinn, Glugg, Narshann

True Karavakos fight

- true karavakos fight.
- Gharosh Vren is disintegrated.
- Out of the temple – traveled back 7 months before they entered the temple.
- Andaron leaves
- Odand and Zeke find odands wife swinging – just as she did.

Role check: Zeke, Rham, Taklinn, Narshan, Glugg, Phames

The third Karavakos ' Kravak, the damned'

Discordant cliff notes:

- Flesh golem with face of Dian’na
- Helmed horror torturer (red hot poker and flaying knife
- Undead grasping hands near hols
- blood drainage
- bone devils
- flame skulls
- Kravak the damned

- Gharash attacks the bone devil with Andaron’s staff – in result Andaron’s seeds erupt from their carriers arms and collide into the bone devil. The spirit of Andaron emerges and takes over the bone devil to assist in the fight against Karavakos.

- After the fight Andaron’s staff levitates above the blood drain grate and plummets beneath, moments later a tree of life sprouts with restful fruit. Once everyone plucks a fruit the tree reverts to the staff.

- Zeke ties to communicate with Andaron’s spirit that does not speak. Andaron points at the staff. Zeke, running out of time, decides to attempt something spontaneous and pulls out the scroll of resurrect and performs it on the staff. Andaron’s spirit gets pulled into staff which creaks, grows, and extends into the physical manifestations of Andaron.

- Role check: Zeke, Taklinn, Rham, Narshan, Glugg, Odand, Phames, Gharash Vren, and gain Andaron.

The sarcophagi and the temple

Discordant cliff notes:

- Easy dispatch of some rats & undead in their tombs
- Enter the Skull lord and his minions.
- The temple comprised of four statues (one lich, one deathknight, one mummy, one vampire).
- Dian’na was found on an altar (alive) and brought outside the temple (dead) during the battle.
- After battle was over the body of Dian’na was gone.
- Role check: Zeke, Taklinn, Rham, Narshan, Glugg, Odand, Phames, Gharash Vren, gained dian’na – lost dian’na.

Into the third level

Discordant cliff notes:

- Third level of the pyramid.
- Encounter ‘shade’ of Karavakos; Rham, Odand, & Taklinn run into a trap but quickly teleport out.
- Enter a maze-like corridor with banshees
- encounter the Shade of Karavakos
- party decides to rest here but find it quite difficult with the necrotic pillars and the numerous interruptions: Large animated skeletons & zombie beholders.
Role check: Zeke, Taklinn, Rham, Narshan, Glugg, Phames, Odand, Gharash Vren

Old White Death

- Travel to cold hall – discover stairs up
- encounter Winter Eladrin ‘ambush’
- Encounter ‘Old White Death’ Arathator the Adult white dragon
- Taklin and Phames dies but is resurrected in time by zeke
- Discover metal riddle cube
- Party roll call: Zeke, Rham, Taklinn, Narshan, Gharrosh, Phames, Glugg

Otherworldly Karavakos and the death of Andaron

- Otherworld karavakos encountered and defeated
- Adamantine key found
- Encounter Medragal and his hovels of the unclean followers – fight off aboleth
- Andaron is slain
- Real Extended rest
- Level up to 6
- Party roll call: Zeke, Rham, Taklinn, Narshan, Gharrosh, Phames, Glugg


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