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The Secret Cyst of Souls

Summary (place holder):

The player characters escaped from a grimy prison guarded by hobgoblins, death dogs, and a half ogre.

They escorted a dozen other prisoners safely out but not before interrupting a dark ritual.

They are now resting in Befield..

This is what I have for the downtime (1/17/15) please let me know if I left anything out. Please reply to the post with your answers.

It is going to take roughly 4 weeks for each character to recover. During these few weeks the characters were able to rest at a comfortable lifestyle (2gp / day) but you will only need to pay for a Modest lifestyle (1gp / day) – Reder Dysley was happy to pay for the other half. That comes to 28 gp for each character. Unfortunately the other 11 NPCs don’t have any money and will be forced to trade / barter / owe favors unless someone in the party offers to pay for their expenses.


Doing good-will work > finding information. Offered to assist Rham in repairing equipment.

[how much time did you spend helping the needy (gaining renown – minimum 10 days)? How much time did you spend finding information (Researching)? How much time did you spend assisting Rham in repairing equipment (Practicing a Profession)?]


Finding myths about the area, learning the lay of the land.

[How much time do you spend learning about the area (researching)?]


Searching for answers, repairing peoples equipment / gear, and writing two letters: one to his monastery and one to his childhood friend.

[How much time will you spend searching for answers (Researching), How much time will you spend repairing equipment (practicing a profession)?]


Gambling to distract himself from Ararr’s death. “Sowing Faith” and casting guidance (cantrip) on those he speaks with. Carving the name of people he lost in battle onto the back of his shield – Ararr, the first in a while.

[How much time will you spend gambling (carousing)?, How much time will you spend ‘sowing faith’ (minimum 2d6 days)?]

Back to the Cyst of Souls

The group stayed in the town of Befield for 4 weeks – making contacts, learning the lei of the land, and determining what will be done next.

Reder Dysley offered to pay for half of the refugees living expenses from the church’s coffers. In exchange for the parties assistance to rebuild the church – half destroyed from a recent earthquake 4 months ago.

Rham performed repairs on the party members equipment, the refugees equipment and even for the townsfold. He was able to make up for his living expenses.

Merovious spoke with the refugees and the townsfolk to gather information.

  • He learned Athan (one of the monks) would appreciate an escort – along with the other monks – to their monastery in the mountains.
  • Axund Bogison is searching for his missing son and requires backup exploring the surrounding area to gain his bearings in order to pick back up where he left off before being captured by the half-ogre.
  • Pervia Gamwort found out the party is going back to the dwarven structure and asked to accompany them so she could retrieve her halberd and half plate.
  • Thikasi, one of the other monks, asked to go with the adventurers back to the dwarven structure so he could get his lovers body for a proper burial.
  • One of the townsfold, Manda, has asked for any and all information about a band of brigands who murdered her family shortly after the earthquake – she has offered any of her material belongings in exchange for such information.
    Merovious also found a hand-drawn map of an unknown keep and a lazily drawn map to said unknown keep.

Ezekiel gambled his sorrows away, from the loss of Ararr Daleson, only to wake up outside of town – with no recollection of how he got there – and 100+ gold short. He then attempted to spread the word of Taranius but it didn’t gain much traction. It wasn’t without gains – Ezekiel was able to meet some of the townsfold and make trustworthy contacts with: Resafro – capt of the guard, Atharias – a blind net weaver at the docks, Quennerdhil – an alchemist fascinated by swords, Finda – a stoic artist, and Gery Parre – another guard that flirts with everyone.

Taklinn chose to spend his time assisting the townsfolk in any way possible and gained a renown point with Befield, he also paid for all of the refugees living expenses and got to know them a little so that earned him another renown point but with the refugees.

The adventurers, accompanied by Pervia Gamwort and Thikasi went back to the dwarven structure, their recent – but liberated – prison. On the way they were harried by stirges, monstrous bloodsucking mosquitoes. No casualties, as they fled the thicket before the swarm could mobilize.

Once inside the entrance the party found the corpse slouched in the corner that wasn’t there before. Clearly dead, the corpse was wearing a mix of materials assembled into patchwork – blood soaked – clothing and armor. As they approached it moaned and started to rise to it’s feet.

Dispatching the zombie with moderate effort they pressed forward to encounter another zombie. Though Ezekiel and Merovious were distracted by the presence of some manner of intelligent creature down a separate corridor. The ghoul is routed out into the hall with the other party members to be slain along with the other zombie.

All of the combat noise had been attracting other zombies – all resembling the garb of the first – a horde of six zombies made their way into the tunnel behind the adventurers, blocking them off from the entrance they used to enter the dwarven structure.

Rham’s quick thinking allowed the party to back up into a room that will allow the zombies to be funneled in one at a time – where they were greated by blade, blow, and a handy use of a Greater Fire Breathing Potion – used by Merovious.

Two zombies fell quickly and the last four pushed their way into the room causing a momentary bought of panic but fortunately the well trained adventurers ended the remaining zombies.

Taking a quick breather the party pushed on to explore the rest of the structure. The party located a stairwell going further down into the hill, a pressure released scythe trap down a long corridor, and the sleeping quarters of what was discovered to be the family of dwarves who lived here.

The 20 × 40 room, however, was covered in a foot deep of mixed bones – piled even higher in the corners. It appeared to be the late ghouls living quarters.

Merovious found a trap door under the bones that lead to a simple wooden unlocked chest containing an assortment of coins.

Taklinn found a rather large tome – half deteriorated and soaked in refuse – that contained the blueprints of the second level of this home. The ruined half can possibly be salvaged with a lot of careful work or magical aid.

Rham and Ezekiel noticed the bones moving. At first it just seemed to be settling from Merovious and Taklinn’s displacement of bones but they soon witness the heap of bones rise and sink as though something was slithering beneath, unseen.

The Oni's interference

Rham and Ezekiel noticed the bones moving. At first it just seemed to be settling from Merovious and Taklinn’s displacement of bones but they soon witness the heap of bones rise and sink as though something was slithering beneath, unseen.

The bone piles pull into the creature as it moved around the room. When the 40’ long monstrous bone naga finally reveals itself. Almost all of the bones have been utilized to compose its body.

Taklinn shouted out for everyone to retreat. Rham closed the distance to the bone naga. Taklinn, Pervia, and Meroveous defensively exit the room toward the spinning blade trap in the hall way.

Ezekiel moves to the right of Rham – furthest away from the door – and strikes the giant constrictor.

The snake slams its head into the ground missing Rham entirely with it’s bite attack. It uses the momentum to get behind Ezekiel and Rham.

Rham disengages to exit the room in order to cover the retreat of the other three party members.

Taklinn moves just outside the room and shouts to Ezekiel to get out of there (Taklinn spotted a weak spot in the door way that can hopefully bring that section down and block the bone naga from pursuit).

Ezekiel summons a dense fog that fills the room – the type of fog found high in the mountains the morning after a storm. Then gets ready to dive through the doorway as soon as Taklinn brings down the ceiling.

The rest of the party continues down the hallway – crawling under the spinning blades.

The bone naga attempts to bite down on Ezekiel but the fag is so thick – it’s confusing.

Taklinn swings on the wall but the fog made him lose the weak spot and he misses. He swings again – nailing the weakness in the structure. Ezekiel attempts to dive through the falling rubble and Taklinn catches hold of Ezekiel to help him through the doorway. There is a moment of resistance and a gasp of breathe from Ezekiel but Taklinn is able to pull him through as the rubble comes crashing down blocking the entrance way.

Rising dust takes the place of the dense fog. Taklinn coughs and calls out to Ezekiel but there is no response. Taklinn can make out the silhouette of Ezekiel’s body in the debris but something isn’t right. The pool of bright red blood pouring out of Ezekiel’s legless body is a stark contrast to the colorless gray stones surrounding him. He appears to have been bitten in half. ("Ezekiel fought valiantly, Ezekiel fought nobly, Ezekiel fought honorably. And Ezekiel died.”)

A slam of bone on stone echos through the corridor and the rubble shudders. Taklinn realizes the fight isn’t over yet and grabs Ezekiels holy symbol to be honored – that is – if he can get out there alive himself. Taklinn moves toward the trapped corridor with everyone else.

Another slam echos through the corridors. Then another as everyone makes it to the other end of the trapped hall. Meroveous stands ready to use his last breathe of fire as the snake makes his way down the trapped tunnel – hopefully catching the blades and heating them up to cause additional damage.

A final crash rings down the hall and everyone knows the bone naga is free. It begins it’s descent toward the trapped hallway, it’s numerous bones clinking on the stone floor like some sort of sick musical instrument. It slides into the hallway, setting off the spinning blade trap. Meroveous exhales the intense fire breath that sets both bone and blade ablaze. The heated blades bite into the snake flinging bone shards in every direction and filling the tunnel air with bone dust and ash. But the bone naga does not feel pain and it keeps moving forward.

The rest of the party continues to move back. Taklinn takes a defensive stance in the elbow of the hall. The bone naga approaches and takes a snap at Taklinn but collides against his shield. Rham takes a shot at the bone naga but the arrow sails through it’s ribs. The naga attempts another bit on Taklinn and this time… the attack lands. The snake clamps down on the dwarfs head – pumping his face full of poison. Taklinn falls to the ground – thick yellowish-green pus pumping out of the bite wounds. Rham unsheathes his long sword and charges the snake but his swing is short and he misses again.

Thakasi comes around the corner and chucks his spear. It severs the snakes head from the spine. What’s left of its charred – blade bitten bones crumble to the floor.

Pervia rushes over to Taklinn and is able to heal him. It’s a good thing dwarves are resistant to poison or that would have been it for him.

Taklinn wearily rises and tells everyone Ezeikiel didn’t make it. Then returns to find his body in order to perform a proper burial for this noble cleric of Teranious.

With one more room and the lower level still unexplored the party takes leave with Thikasi’s wife’s body, Ezekiel’s body, and the 100lb treasure chest in tow and they head back to town to perform burials and recover from injuries.

Zeke's quest part 1


  • Ezekiel wakes up on a grassy hill with a nice view overlooking the top of a forest and a thunderstorm rolling in. Abdomen throbbing in a dull pain.
  • A divine presence instructs Zeke to travel to Zuria discover what happened to the two religious leaders and make sure the obelisk is safe.
  • divine presence bestows power to zeke
  • During the travel zeke gets ambushed by close to 20 ghouls and dispatches them quite easily with his newfound power.
  • Zeke sees a croup of crates on a ledge down below the path on the ravine – sees a sparkle of an amulet but chooses not to risk the descent and continues on to Zuria.
Zeke's quest part 2
  • upon entering the Zuria it looks like a ghost town. he witnesses what appears to be zombies wheeling a cart around full of dead bodies. when zeke approaches they leave in the opposite direction but not fast enough and zeke destroys them.
  • Zeke seeks a glow in the sky and moves in that direction. it leads hiim toward the church where he meets an odd gnome dressed in rags.
  • Zeke questions the crazed gnome and discovers the names of two potential baddies the crazy gnome calls “scabby” and “wolfie”. the gnome also mentioned a secret tunnel in the basement of the tavern that leads deep under the church – under the monolith.
  • zeke approaches the church and realizes there are quite a number of people inside.
  • they eventually let him in and tell him father Nichols and Father Bradic have gone missing First nichols, then a monstrous attack on the town, then father bradic left to get help but they haven’t heard back from him. the church is full of survivors and acolytes of the church. who are both followers of Samas and old gods.
  • while they’re talking zeke hears a roar of a cry – for help. outside the window there is a large monstrous beast surrounded by ghouls crying for help.
  • zeke goes to help and fights off the ghouls. then discovers from “wolfie” that he was released by father nichols to kill the townsfolk. “wolfie” just wants to be set free but he is bound as a guardian to something deep under the town. “wolfie” goes a little too far and explains that he was stealing the souls for himself (as that is what he feasts on) so father nichols couldn’t have them. This struck Zeke too far and he dealt a fatal blow to the creature – killing it as it tried to run away from zeke.
  • back in the church one of the acolytes reads a part of Father Nichols diary:

“I saw it as i stood on the stairwell leading to the seventh level. the creature was trying to pass through the final ward to beyond the white crystal’s light. the creature looks like a wight; its leathery skin pulled taut over exposed, protruding bones and a malevolent glean in its eyes. however, this is no mere wight. with all the unholy appearance of the undead, it seemed greater, with a more imposing presence. horns protrude from his head, and there is something more evil in his eyes than a simple hatred of life and desire to devour it. when i captured its attention, it came at me and i fled. right before i reached the stairs to the fifth level, i heard a scream most horrid and wretched pierce through the sepulcher, but i dare not stop running until i reached the surface”

  • zeke goes to the tavern to investigate the secret passage the crazy gnome told him about. in the basement he finds a majestic unicorn traped in some sort of ritual circle and flying magiccal skulls immediately attack zeke.
  • zeke dispatches the skulls and frees the unicorn with holy water. the unicorn communicates (telepathically) saying her essence was being used in a ritual – it needed something pure.
  • Zeke locates the secret tunnel and the unicorn offers to join him – it shapeshifts into a dryad.
  • zeke travels down into a room with a locked door and a stairwell leading down another level.
  • as zeke is about to travel down to the next level he hears the door (that was locked) creak open and he hears shuffling inside. zeke investigates and finds the crazed gnome putting on cloths and quickly pulling them off. strapping on a weapon then throwing it away from him mumbling something about only one – only one and is clutching a dagger tightly in his grip. on a hunch Zeke casts dispel curse and frees the gnome from the dagger’s curse. the gnome – who introduces himself as Glim Garrick offers to assist zeke for curing his curse.
  • zeke, the unicorn/dryad Alia, and Glim go down the next level to find brother nichols creating undead from a black crystal shard that is pumping energy into the glowing obelisk above it.
  • a fight breaks out and father nichols eventually surrenders. zeke asks father Bichols how to stop the ritual and father nichols tells him there is a dagger from one of the knights. it is an artifact used in the creation of the white monolith, called the dagger of Juren, a gold gilded dagger carried by one of the great rulers that rests in the tomb of kings. Glim glances down at his gold gilded dagger at his side. he unsheathes it and offers it to Zeke slyly… obviously had raided the tomb of kings and took the dagger for himself – thus cursing him.
  • zeke touches the black soul stone with the dagger and it shatters – which drops father nichols to his knees.
  • zeke brings father nichols to the church and the acolytes will seek a way to redeem father nichols.
  • with that zeke goes on his way out of town. glim following close behind. Alia the unicorn tells zeke that if he ever needs her to say her name in the blowing wind and she’ll come – shes magical like that.
  • on his way down the ravine he stops at the crates because he sees a sparkle of an amulet, he goes down to retrieve it and finds a holy symbol.
The end of the Secret Cyst of Souls

Cliffnotes from previous adventure:

  • Taklinn and Rham hold a funeral (burning) service for Ezekiel. 10 days go by or so (Taklinn trains and Rham continues to train the guards).
  • one night while the Befield villagers and the adventurers are enjoying a quiet night in the tavern, hear a scream coming from the church.
  • when they go to investigate – they find Ezekiel holding a woman that is passed out. first taklin and rham are on edge not believing it is ezekiel but he starts to tell them things only zeke would know and explain how he’s back. not 100 percent trusting him they are convinced enough this new zeke wants to help. and offers to go with them back to the dwarven structure to help clean it out.
  • Party goes back to dwarven structure to finish clearing it out. (Duri accompanies Ezekiel, Taklinn, and Rham)
  • Back in the dwarven structure the group finds a smithing room with a secret door (any more traps) inside the smithy room they find an adamantine anvil, a cooling trough lined with mithril, and a book full of crafting designs and formulas (one of which is a magical shield).
  • the party decides to go down to the next level where they find a type of glowing phosphorescent moss – which is also discovered to be fire resistent.
  • this second level appears to be a storage area for the dwarves.
  • inside this level the party fights a carrion crawler, a gelatenous cube (that almost ends them), a grick (and another grick down a tunnel where they discover a magical clock called the cape of the mounteback).
  • the party discovers more blue prints which appear to be a layout of a brewery that was never started.
  • they also find an old dwarven crypt / sarcophagus with the name of Thrumaul etched into the stone – there is also an unfinished mural of a dragon breathing fire in this room.
  • the adventurers locate another passage leading down another level, which turns out to be a flooded network of mining tunnels. there are veins of gemstones and crystals on the walls.
  • the party explores one tunnel and finds some gems, then go down another tunnel where voices begin to speak to taklinn. urging him to take the crystals on the walls. against his will he approaches them almost ready to break the crystals off the walls but snaps out of it. ezekiel starts to hear the same thing and snaps out of it as well but strikes out with his hammer, smashing the crystals thinking that’ll stop whatever is happening.
  • instead this sets off an explosion of psionic and force throwing the party back. nearly killing them. Zeke and rham get a concussion and duri has a hemerage and internal bleeding in her brain. Taklinn is the only one left standing and quickly magically heals the party for 1 hit point.
  • the entire party hears the voices and are instantly surrounded by a whole mess of ghosts accusing the party for their deaths. the ghosts include the dwarves that lived there previously, prisoners that were sacrificed there by the Ogre-mage, the hobgoblins and half ogre, along with the bandits that recently tried to take over the structure but were turned into zombies by the ghoul the party dealt with previously.
  • the ghosts started to close in on the party and Ararr Daleson, the dwarf mercenary, todl the party to flee, that he would deal with these bastards, and told them they need to kill the beast to free them. Ararr throws himself at the ghosts making an opening for the party.
  • the party intercepts the beast and funnel it into a tunnel. the party fights off the the creature that is something more than a rust monster. during the fight it continues to weaken the parties weapons and armor.
  • taklinn decides to make a drastic action to end this fight telling the party to retreat whil he simutaneously throws one of the dwarven thunder stone at a formation of crystals on the wall next to the beast. the explotion throws taklinn back and collapses on the rust monster. ezekiel catches taklinn before he hits the ground, sents him down and watches the stones to make sure the beast still isn’t alive.
  • the stones begin to move so zeke decides to approach and hit one of the rocks with his hammer to hopefully crush the beast more.
  • zeke moves the rock aside and the creatures head pops with goo all over zeke
  • the ghosts walk out of the cavernous room they were in and drift higher into the air – clearly free of their imprisonment. the dwarven family nod to taklinn as though to give their approval for not only his actions but also their approval for him to reside here.
  • Ararr places his hand on zeke’s shoulder and tells zeke it isn’t his fault. then dissapates with a smile on his face as well.
  • With the entire structure now fully explored the party returns to town to rest and recover again and begin preparing to clean out the dwarven structure.
Bandit Raid on Befield
lost eyes, earthquake, sorcerer farmer, vampire ogre

• Taklinn leads the expedition to clean out the dwarven structure with pervia, Duri, Rewis, and a few others. On there way back they encounter a swarm of stirges that aren’t deterred by the usual smoke deployment – a confusing and overwhelming battle ensues where Rewis and Pervia end up losing an eye each to the stirges large stingers.

• Meanwhile Ezekiel and Rham (along with a large portion of the village) get attacked by a considerable sized bandit raid at night. One of the farmers, Wine, is slain during the raid and another farmer, who goes by Wyny, is exposed as an arcane caster – even though he was using his arcane arts for the defense of the town – Wyny flees the scene in fear of what the townsfolk will do to him. *note: Taklinn and the others arrive right at the end of the night raid to help defend Befield.

• A number of bandits surrendered and taken captive. After questioning the bandits the townsfolk and adventurers learn their leader is a marauding Ogre by the name of Balug the nimble. Furthermore, the bandits that attacked Befield were promised unimaginable power if they prove their worth by successfully raiding the village that is harboring the adventurers that that freed the slaves from their imprisonment in the dwarven structure – the same one Taklinn had been clearing (the secret cyst of souls).

A few bandits fled the fight and escaped.

Upon more interrogation the adventurers learned Balug – the bandit leader – isn’t a mere Ogre, but holds the curse of vampirism (proudly it seems) and was promising to bestow the same fate onto the bandits that returned from the raid on Befield.

• After the bandits were imprisoned in the village’s make-shift holding cells (abandoned warehouse) Exekiel and Rham decided to investigate Wyny’s farm house. Wyny is the only farmer in Befield without a family. Yet when they went into the house they found paintings of Wyny, with a wife, two boys, and another painting – who’s canvas had mostly been removed from the frame.

Ezekiel cast Mend on the parchment – which still had some paint brushing of what looked like locks of hair on the part of the parchment that remained inside the frame – to reveal a picture of a beautiful girl. The parchment looked to have been torn out of the frame in haste.

Rham and Ezekiel also found – in a back room – tables sprawled with open books covered in arcane symbols and runes. Maps and pieces of parchment with strange writing nailed to the room’s walls.

Even more interesting, the heroes discovered a book detailing information about vampirism. The two heroes left the house to go speak with the town leader and the other party members.

Outside Wyny’s house there were 4 graves – loving wife, two brave sons, and his beautiful daughter.

• While the party and town leader (Reder Dysley) was discussing the night’s events Merovious brought in a sack and told the others he had something to share. He emptied the contents of the bag to reveal the crystal stones from the ritual Reder Dysley (the town leader) was involved in at the dwarven structure. There were less stones than originally obtained and one of the stones was larger now.

• The next day, as the group was looking at the crystals they began to shake – but then.. so did the table, and the rest of the room and soon the entire area was violently thrashing as a powerful earthquake was upon the land – again.

After the shaking and the aftershocks had left the damage was assessed. Half of wyny’s home had been engulfed in a deep sinkhole – taking the arcane scribbling, grave sight, and clues on vampirism with it.

Does Wyny have something to do with the Ogre’s vampire curse? What connection could he possibly have?

Counterstrike on the Bandit camp
vampire spawns, riddles, and death

• The party assists the town for the next two weeks cutting down surrounding trees and contrust a fence around the town.

• Duri decides to travel to Zuria with Axund Bogison in search of his son.

• Odand – the tiefling rogue – asks to join the party after overhearing them talking about tracking down the bandits that fled to meet this ogre vampire threat headon. afterall, he used to be a bandit himself and knows how they think.

• The bandit camp, known and blackskull, was north of the dwarven structure. Odand sniffed out multiple traps and ultimately found the entrance. The hideout is literally a giant blackened skull sitting atop the ground with ruins strewn all about.

• once inside the heros were presented with a gruesome scene, dead bandits laying about all with missing hands. the bodies were lying – like a trail – to the back of the cave.

slowly treading through the cave the party was ambushed by numberous severed hands – all moving on their own accord. The hands were jumping, scratching, gripping, and clawing but Ezekiel made quick work of them with a radiant bomb.

• just after three bandit vampire spawns assaulted the group but they too ultimately were defeated with expert tactics and sunlight (Rham’s positioning tactics and Ezekiel blowing a hole in the top of the hideout). However, one vampire spawn fled deeper into the cavern – into a secret trap door leading underground. While the party was searching for the bandit vampire spawn – wyny appeared from no where and urged the party to leave this alone. They are out of their league and assured them he will take care of everything. Wyny dissapeared in a gout of flame just as fast as he appeared.

• The party didn’t feel much like trusting Wyny and didn’t want to leave this bandit issue where it lies and decided to persue the vampire spawnling once they found where he had escaped.

Down below the ground, the party was exposed to a sensation very alien to them. Everything was different than the world above. magical tingling and odd creatures scurried about. the adventurers pressed on defensively until they came upon a great stone carving of a sphynx half burried with other stone statues. as the party approached to investigate the scene they heard a voice in their minds; A riddle. One by one each member answered and one by one each hero’s life force drifted away. The world went black.

Recap of Gray land to Silentone's tower

- Awoke in grey mist
- Recruit Narshan
- Narshan meets an Inevitable
- Zeke gains a friend…
- Zeke gets his eye replaced with blue sapphire
- Recruit Kater, Cade, Gary, Cune
- Rescued by old sage
- Reunited with Odand
- Party roll call: Zeke, Rham, Taklinn, Narshan, Cade, Kater, Gary, Cune


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