Tag: Paladin


  • The Council

    The Council was a group of Paladins who carried with them a singular Crystal that they cherished. They never said why they carried such a thing with them. They had one ideal above all others - “I will fight evil for as long as I have life in my soul …

  • Taklinn Corak

    Taklinn was born in the mountains and, for most of his youth, was not around anyone of the other races. As part of Clan Corak, he joined a guild of craftsman at a young age and was taught the craft of making and maintaining weapons and armor for his clan …

  • Vylarian

    Speech: Halting Hair: Thinning Facial features: Distinctive nose Characteristics 1: Shivers Characteristics 2: Unable to remember names Personality Trait 1: Pious & Generous