The cooshee, or elven hound, is a huge, long-lived dog. It is most commonly found in the company of sylvan elves, who use it for both hunting and guard duties.

the cooshee has a thick greenish coat, often spotted with large browns patches. making it naturally stealthy is forest scenery.

cooshee weight anywhere between 160 lbs to 300 lbs. their tails generally arc over their backs. Their ears come to a point on top of their heads, giving the cooshee an attentive, intelligent look.

With a party of elves providing distraction with their arrows, the cooshee can become a creature from a nightmare for its prey. Elves say that one cooshee is worth five orcs.

cooshee act as a size category larger when overrunning enemies.

the cooshee have an incredibly loud bark that can be heard more than a mile away. However, they only bark to warn their masters or packmates, in almost no other circumstances will a cooshee emit noise.





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