House Rules

#1 Table Rules:

  • Foster respect
  • Avoid distractions
  • Have snacks
  • Please don’t cheat -
  • Players will need to roll their dice out in the open for all to see.
  • The DM does not have to roll out in the open and can roll behind the DM screen (if you want to know why – just ask me).
  • Do not quickly scoop up your dice or cover it before any other players have a chance to see what was rolled.
  • If a die lands in a questionable position simply re-roll it. Do not move the objects around it.
  • If a die rolls off the table, simply re-roll it.
  • If a question of the rules comes up the DM’s ruling overrides everything else. The DM may ask a player to look-up the rule.

#2 Flaws

  • Flaws are used to help flush out all the parts of a hero, no hero is perfect. Each player is required to take at least 2 flaws, they will not be awarded anything for this which means it doesn’t have to have a huge penalty, but the more interesting the rewarding it will be in game.

#3 Slow natural healing

  • Characters do not regain hit points at the end of a long rest, instead a character can spend Hit Dice to heal at the END of a long rest, just as with a short rest.
  • Characters will have the ability to use healing surges – as an action during combat a character can use a healing surge and spend up to 1/3 of their Hit Dice. For each Hit Dice spent in this way, the player rolls the die and adds the character’s Constitution modifier. The character regains hit points equal to the total.
  • When the character is subject to a Critical Hit, roll on the Lingering Injuries table
  • While unconscious, any hit is a Crit.
  • When a character falls unconscious you immediately gain a level of exhaustion.
  • Rolling a 1 during a death saving throw does not add 2 deaths save failures, but instead adds a level of exhaustion. Rolling a 20 does heal the player to 1 hp, but the player is incapacitated (can move, but not take actions/reactions) for the first round.
  • Exhaustion is reduced by one level of exhaustion with a short rest or all levels of exhaustion with a long rest.
  • A short rest is a day, a long rest is a week.
  • Character death: If your character dies and you wish to bring in a new character your level will be 1 less the lowest level character in the party for a single full session – the next session your character will start at the base xp at the same level of the lowest level character in the party.

#4 The Plot Thickens

  • Whenever a player spends a plot point, the player to their right must add a complication to the scene. For example, if a player who spends the plot point decides that their character has found a secret door, the player to the right might state that opening the door triggers a magical trap that teleports the party to another part of the dungeon.

#5 Level Advancement

  • Characters are required to spend downtime training or studying before they gain the benefits of a new level. Once a character has earned enough experience points to attain a new level, he or she must train for a number of days before gaining any class features associated with the new level.

Training to gain levels
Lvl Attained—-Training TIme —-Training Cost
2nd – 4th______10 days_____20 gp
5th – 10th_____20 days_____40 gp
11th – 16th____30 days_____60 gp
17th – 20th____40 days_____80 gp

#6 Variant Rules in the Forums

  • Blinded
  • Armor and sleeping
  • Holding breath
  • Height Advantage
  • Mounted Combat
  • Flying
  • Signature Spells
  • Mixing potions
  • Scroll mishaps

House Rules

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