In the beginning the Nameless One was alone in the darkness.  It created a palace in the void and pondered its existence.  At last the Nameless One began to speak.  Speaking five words, it created the five elements: Tempest, Metal, Magic, Ether, and Spirit.  Knowing it could do anything with these five powers, it created a vision of what would come.  

The Nameless One created a companion it called Kusthys (lawful evil goddess of the tempest).  To Kusthys the Nameless One gave the gifts of life, will, and the spark (tempest) [these three forces form souls], and ever after, only creatures with these three gifts were complete.  The Nameless One was so pleased with Kusthys that it gave will to Metal, Magic, Ether, and Spirit also.  The Nameless One declared that much life would come to the world and that it was Kusthys' duty to give the gift of the tempest (the spark) to all those born of the world.  

Kusthys gave tempest to the new forms the Nameless one created.

The Nameless one departed (there's more I can write about this but i'm leaving it out).

In the Nameless One's abcense, Kusthys became corrupted by the Corpus Infernus: the power of pure corruption.  Kusthys was drunk with power, and believed herself a higher being than the others.  She likened herself to the Nameless One.

The Old Gods

  • Kusthys (lawful evil goddess of the Tempest)
  • Rontra (lawful good goddess of Metal)
  • Shalimyr (chaotic neutral God of Magic)
  • Elos (neutral good god of the Ether)
  • Eliwyn (neutral goddess of the Spirit)

Birth of the Main gods

Through experimentation and combining of the First's powers, four main gods were created.  When all four gods emerged Kusthys came to them and offered the tempest to the eldest.  Each brother insisted that he was the elder.  Kusthys gave all four the tempest, pleased at having sown dissent among them.

  • Taranius (lawful good or neutral god of the war)
  • Maal (chaotic good or neutral god of Nature)
  • <s>Silvyenin </s>Morwyn (lawful good goddess of healing)
  • Isis (chaotic neutral goddess of inspiration)

Creation of the first race

Kusthys uses the tempest to create the first race, the Div who were spread over the world into three main tribes: The Marid, the Shaitan, & the Shee.

Lesser war of the gods

As the Div spread across the world, Taranius, Maal, and Isis used the tempest given to them by Kusthys to make weapons, gave the Div mighty powers and fought to be the eldest.  Taranius, aided by Rontra made weapons of great power.  Maal, aided by Elos created time.  Isis, aided by Shalimyr made magical spells.  Morwyn watched in horror as Isis tricked Taranius and Maal to kill each other with the use of Eliwyn who was also destroyed.

Birth of God of Death

In the moment that Taranius and Maal were killed Bayne (the neutral God of Death), the Shadow, was created.  He told Morwyn that while death was in his power, so too would be rebirth if he possessed the tempest.  Morwyn , Taranius, Elos, and Rontra called to Kusthys for the tempest, but she refused to give it; Kusthys had become so corrupted that she was now completely evil.

  • Bayne (the neutral God of Death)

Rebirth of the Gods and the Tree of life

Since Kusthys betrayed her duty, Morwyn gave Bayne her tempest.  Bayne used it to ignite the bodies of Taranius, Maal, and Eliwyn.  Isis so loved the surging power of the burning bodies she threw herself into the energy and was consumed.  When all was burnt to ash, nothing happened, and Morwyn fell to her knees and wept.  When her tears hit the ashes, Eliwyn was reborn into a sprouting spirit tree, at the foot of the tree were three infants, Taranius, Maal, and Isis reborn.  Though reborn, Taranius, Maal, Isis, and Eliwyn no longer carried their tempest but were brought to life by Bayne's ability to restore their life through Morwyn's gifted Tempest.

Born of the Womb

Morwyn and Bayne raised the three infants and had a child of their own, which they named Sammas (the lawful neutral God of Justice).  As Morwyn and Bayne raised the four children Morwyn made three great works.

  1. She called the mightiest of the Div to her, who had been given great powers by her siblings during the war) and she made them into the celestial host & taught them songs and wisdom of the gods.  The chief Div among them being Iblis an Arch Angel.
  2. She discovered, with her eyes of healing, the reason the gods went to war and she created a cure.
  3. She created three laws

    1. The gods would not make war with each other
    2. The gods would use their strength to guide the Div and new races
    3. No one god would rule over the others.

Cast out the demons

Before sharing the laws Morwyn gathered the gods (Kusthys did not join) and told them about the Corpus Infernus and it was infecting them.  She and the celestial host built a prison – called Hell – and opening a portal she cast out the corpus infernus from the gods and the celestial host, and this raw stuff of chaos and evil became what is now called Demons.  All agreed to the laws and turned to Kusthys who had to be cured as well but she was prepared.  Kusthys had given powers to several Div of her own making them powerful – perhaps more so than the Celestial Host:  The first she granted powers to was Mephistopholes to mate with a gave birth to countless dark beasts; including: Baal (her fiercest warrior), Dispater (the clever), Mammon (the mad & power-hungry), Titavilious (the scribe), and Leviathan (a massive sea creature).  She also created a creature in her own image, she called this creature Lillith.  She would name her servants Divils – now known as Devils.

Great war of the gods

The gods attacked Kusthys but were driven back by a great wave of Tempest – Leviathan swallowed Shalimyr so he could not contain the deluge.  Tempest spread everywhere and those Div caught in the energy had their skin burned away. Most died, but some where transformed into creatures of pure power – the First Dragons.

Kusthys Imprisoned

The gods attacked again and broke Kusthys.  Maal distracted Kusthys while Isis formed a portal to hell and Taranius sent Kusthys through the portal but held onto Kusthys' power over tempest as she fell into the Portal to Hell.  Kusthys and her servents were cast into hell & most of the children spawned from Kusthys & Mephistopholes went with them.

  • Taranius took hold of the Tempest and granted tempest back to Isis, Maal, and Eliwyn – restoring their godly powers.  Taranius took the element of the Tempest into his domain.
  • Isis took up Shalimyr's mantle as the new goddess of Magic and Inspiration with the help of Taranius.
  • Maal was restored as the god of nature and entropy
  • Taranius imbued Eliwyn, the spirit tree of life, with tempest and the Tree bore 5 fruit.
  • Taranius returned Morwyn's tempest she gave to Bayne and the two fell in love.

The Young Gods

Morwyn took Taranius as a second husband, and together they had twins: Anwyn (lawful good Goddess of the Hearth) and Morthos (the neutral good god of the Forge).  Maal and Isis married and begat the twins Darmon (the chaotic good god of Travelers and Messengers) and Aymara (the chaotic good goddess of Art and Love).  They raised these children happily, and all was well.

  • Anwyn (lawful good goddess of the Hearth)
  • Morthos (nuetral good god of the Forge)
  • Darmon (chaotic good god of travelers and messengers)
  • Aymara (chaotic good goddess of Art and Love)

Rebellion of the Div

Marid & Shee grew restless and seek to overthrow the gods, they rose up but were put down by Iblis & the Celestial Host.  The Shaitan remained silent.  The Marid and Shee were stripped of their godly powers, the Marid (Couatl) turned into the snake people – the Yuan-ti & – forever cursed to slither close to the ground; the Shee (Rakshasa) were transformed into Beast-men of all kinds and who's blood was cursed with Lycanthropy.  While the Shaitan, since they decided to stay out of the war against the gods, were spared and allowed to keep some of their god-like powers.  The Shaitan became known as the Titans who wielded mighty elemental magics of fire, water, air, and earth (Titans begat giants).

The new races are born

The five fruit ripened… Dwarves (metal), Hobgoblin (ether), Humans (tempest), Arborians (spirit), Elves (magic).

The Land of the Dead

Sammas & Morthos built a great realm for Sammas (The land of the Dead)

The Three Companions find the Three sisters

Sammas, Morthos, and Darmon went adventuring together and found wives.  On their journey, thry found three sisters: Naryne, Thellyne, and Canelle.  Sammas and Naryne immediately agreed to marry, Darmon and Morthos' love for the other two sisters (Darmon's for Canelle, and Morthos for Thellyne) went unreciprocated.  Regardless, these three sisters joined the family of the gods.

  • Naryne (Lawful Neutral goddess of Nobility) marries Sammas
  • Thellyne (neurtal good goddess of the Hunt) marries Morthos
  • Canelle (chaotic good goddess of Victory) marries Darmon

Gods Influence

The gods, forbidden to fight against one another directly, taught the mortal races to think like them, they cultivated followers and used them against one another.  The gods gave some of their followers great powers and worked their will on the world, spoke to them directly, and even walked with them.

Creation of the Compact, Gehenna, and Elysium

Rather… [under construction]



religion completely devoid of a figure of power. It’s an old belief the world itself is a living spirit and that through this living world, everything has a soul.

Old gods

Elos god of trickery, light, and darkness

Morthos god of smithing and battle

  • Samas lawful neutral god of life
  • Bayne neutral evil god of death




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