United Clergy

Akkar was without the influence of the Gods during most of its formation. This was until Feron Boltus arrived. After being excommunicated from her church of Taranius due to disagreements on the true will of the god, she fled to Akkar to found a place of true worship to all the Gods. News quickly spread throughout the fringe and fundamental religious communities of Ragon that there was a place for them to worship devoutly without the politics of the large organized churches. Their focus is on channeling the will of their respective deities through magic. They have generally been left alone by the large churches of Ragon since they present a relatively minor threat compared to the difficulty of apprehending them. It is one of the major organizations which make up the Court of Seven in Akkar.

Leader: Feron Boltus
Typical Races: Humans, Dwarves
Member Background: Apostates
Primary Magics: Healing, Creation, Clerical
Primary school of Magic:
Duties: Wellness, Welfare
Boons: +1 WIS, Detect Good and Evil spell as cantrip
Political Stance: Fundamentalism
Artisan Craft: Vintners (brewers)
Elite Troop: Bishops

Notable Characters
Evimil 2nd in command
Stanley Smith



United Clergy

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