Wild Talents

Any character can test for wild powers (The character should be forewarned: such efforts are not without risk, as explained below.) A character can test for wild powers only at specific times:

  • when the character is first created;
  • when a character’s Wisdom increases to a higher point than it has ever been;
  • the first time the character goes to a psionicist who can perform psychic surgery on him;
  • when psionics is first introduced to the campaign.

Every character (and NPC and monster) has a base chance of 1% to possess wild powers. This is modified as shown below:

Each Wis, Con, or Int score of 20 = +5
Each Wis, Con, or Int score of 18 = +4
Each Wis, Con, or Int score of 17 = +3
Each Wis, Con, or Int score of 16 = +2
Character is 5th – 8th level = +1
Character is 9th level or higher = +2

Once you’ve determined the character’s chance to be a wild talent, roll percentile dice. Subtract 2 from the roll if the character is under the guidance of a psychic surgeon. If the result is less than or equal to the modified chance, the character has at least one wild power. if the number is 97 or higher, the character suffers dire consequences.

Determining Powers:

If the character has a wild talent, the player rolls percentile again and consult the Wild Devotions table to determine exactly what the character’s psionic powers are. A lucky few boast more than one. Furthermore, if a character gains any power with a prerequisite, he automatically gains the prerequisite, too. For example, if the wild talent knows a telepathic power which requires contact (an important telepathic power), he automatically knows contact, too.

Strength Points:

Like an actual psionicist, a wild talent has psionic strength points. he receives the minimum number of PSPs necessary to use the power once. If a power can be maintained, he receives enough additional points to pay the maintenance cost four times. Afterward, the character receives four additional PSPs every time he gains a new experience level (he receives no bonus for levels he already has).

The Risks

Characters who attempt to unlock their psionic potential are tampering with things they cannot begin to understand. If the dice roll is 97 or higher, the character suffers the following consequences

Wild Devotions table
Wild Sciences table

Wild Talents

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