World of Al'Dravin

Adventuring groups

Befield group:
Zeke (tempest cleric)
Taklinn (paladin)
Glugg (barbarian)
Narshan (barbarian)
Rham (fighter)
Odand (arcane trickster rogue)
Merovius (milk)
Cade (soldier)
Gharosh Vren (battle master)
Braznog Skullsplitter (champion fighter)

Heroes of Akkar
Cass sorcrtdt
Asher fighter (2handed)
Aegis monk of the long death
Amon – wizard fighter
Karn – assassub
Zandria – ckeric
Warrick (ckeruvk
Brock (battlemaster

Order of the Arcane Bell
Merrin – monk of the long death
Sloth barbarian
Splugg & Gulps – fighter/rogue
Brumple cleric
Zeed monk of the long death
Thamior – urban ranger
Khemed illusionist wizard
Danny – tinker warlock.



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