World of Al'Dravin

Random dungeon - unexplained

This was a fun little one off filler to play because I wasn't ready to run Glugg's one-off.  There isn't any real reason why these people were in this dungeon yet… just go with me :P

Roll call: PCs: Zeke, Narshan, Blaves, Bing Bong

Zeke, Narshan, Blaves, and Bingbong are teleported to a dungeon.  Inside this dungeon the party fights a group of demons and an electrified… giant… spider – that holds a near dead caster in it's mandibles that strengthens it's own..spellcasting powers…ya….

the party (aka zeke) finds secret doors near the ceiling and investigate.  They use Narshan and his mount rhino Chauk to smash through a wall and plummet 50' down into a warehouse room full of goblins.  one of the goblins was a lich, named Booyagh – who was quite fun to RP duirng combat.

The party chose to befriend this goblin… and learned he didn't know he was a lich or rather didn't know how he became a lich.  also described he and the other goblins were gathering treasure for a black dragon of sorts.

and we stopped playing that adventure as it was late.  next time we picked up with Glugg's game.



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