World of Al'Dravin

The Secret Cyst of Souls

Summary (place holder):

The player characters escaped from a grimy prison guarded by hobgoblins, death dogs, and a half ogre.

They escorted a dozen other prisoners safely out but not before interrupting a dark ritual.

They are now resting in Befield..

This is what I have for the downtime (1/17/15) please let me know if I left anything out. Please reply to the post with your answers.

It is going to take roughly 4 weeks for each character to recover. During these few weeks the characters were able to rest at a comfortable lifestyle (2gp / day) but you will only need to pay for a Modest lifestyle (1gp / day) – Reder Dysley was happy to pay for the other half. That comes to 28 gp for each character. Unfortunately the other 11 NPCs don’t have any money and will be forced to trade / barter / owe favors unless someone in the party offers to pay for their expenses.


Doing good-will work > finding information. Offered to assist Rham in repairing equipment.

[how much time did you spend helping the needy (gaining renown – minimum 10 days)? How much time did you spend finding information (Researching)? How much time did you spend assisting Rham in repairing equipment (Practicing a Profession)?]


Finding myths about the area, learning the lay of the land.

[How much time do you spend learning about the area (researching)?]


Searching for answers, repairing peoples equipment / gear, and writing two letters: one to his monastery and one to his childhood friend.

[How much time will you spend searching for answers (Researching), How much time will you spend repairing equipment (practicing a profession)?]


Gambling to distract himself from Ararr’s death. “Sowing Faith” and casting guidance (cantrip) on those he speaks with. Carving the name of people he lost in battle onto the back of his shield – Ararr, the first in a while.

[How much time will you spend gambling (carousing)?, How much time will you spend ‘sowing faith’ (minimum 2d6 days)?]


Taklinn gains 2 renown points for spending time with the villagers and those that were in need. He also only has to pay for 21 gold instead of 28 gold for his own living expenses due to practicing his profession and assisting with repairs.

Meroveous spent the time researching information about the surrounding area, myths, and rumors. He needs to pay 1gp for each day spent researching to cover the expenses and i’ll also need you, Grant, to make an investigation check to find the clues pointing toward the information you seek.

Rham you do not need to pay your living expenses for equal to the number of days you were helping repair equipment. If you were searching for answers you need to pay 1 gp per day you spent searching to cover expenses and i’ll also need you, Drew, to make an investigation check to find the clues point toward the information you seek.

Ezekiel will need to spend an additional gold each day he spent gambling for a max of 25 days (3 days spent sowing faith) then make a percentile check to determine the outcome of your gambling (d100 + level). He spent 3 days sowing faith (preaching) so you’ll need to deduct 1gp / day.

The Secret Cyst of Souls

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