Elven Nation Concept WIP

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Personality: Most elves of the great nation tend to be greatly arrogant when dealing with any of the other races. Being the eldest and most advanced race leads them to think of the other races as barbaric at best but they hold a special contempt towards humans that no other race must suffer.

The Elven mind works far differently than that of any other mind. Working far more quickly, they can turn a simple puzzle into a series of complex equations, trying to figure out not only it’s answer but it’s meaning, it’s purpose, it’s origin, the components and materials. This very thought process happens so quickly that it makes it difficult for the elves to speak to anyone outside their homeland. Even the Elven tongue spoken outside the homeland is seen as a bastardized version of their beautiful dialect. Elves not born within their land they have pity for and most elves are taught to try to bring them into the fold, teach them of their true origins

Powers: Psychic in nature, their ancient heritage has allowed them, as a society, to hone their power not just as individuals but as a community to overcome challenges presented to them. Individually, each Elf of the homeland is taught to focus their psychic energy into a physical weapon. When using an implement, such as a sword hilt or staff, they can focus their energy to create blades or instruments used to inflict wounds or focus it into a ranged blast, bolt or arrow causing equivalent psychic damage. This allows Elves to store, hide or always have a weapon with them. The older and/or more powerful Elves need not an implement but can form a weapon of pure psychic energy.

Their attunement to the psychic goes beyond weapons and actually extends their life. Always trying to improve one’s psychic attunement, they have been able to extend their life span up to a thousand years but even that is not the point of true death. Once they reach a point in life where they are one, not only with their psychic energy but also with nature, they go off into the Ancient Forest and turn into a great tree.

As a society they have become a highly advanced civilization by working together to combine their psychic powers to create their great structures, cities and way of life. The more elves that combine their power, the larger, more detailed and more beautiful structures they can create. Deep within their ancient forests, they construct beautiful and large cities that not only represent their advancement but also stand to protect the forests and the elves themselves from the chaos that is always smash against their borders.

The Ancient Forests are not just the lives of former elves but work as a sort of gathering of knowledge or library. Each elf that joins the forest, brings with them their life long wealth of knowledge which can, in turn, be drawn from by the Elven society to further their advancement. The forest also acts as a conduit for their psychic energy, so it is vital that the forests are protected and they are with brutal vigilance.

Strengths: The elves have not only a link to powerful psyonic abilities and a long life span but a wealth of unforgettable knowledge that continues to grow as time goes on. As a society, they are unmatched in technology, economy and military might. Together they protect their land with ever watchful eyes all the while advancing their own agendas only dealing with outsiders when it is necessary. Their ability to receive and register information is almost unmatched.

Weaknesses: Their arrogance tends to be the first draw back, making diplomacy difficult. Their thought pattern tends to lead Elves to over think situations and leads to misplaced mistrust. Sometimes seen as paranoid, they register multiple outcomes with each situation very quickly and act upon it. It does not mean they jump to violence immediately but remain aware and cautious. They also feel emotions far stronger than the other races, making times of happiness unforgettable but slights and offenses turn into grudges that are not easily forgiven if ever.

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Elven Nation Concept WIP

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