Three Large, mountainous Islands in the Ocean to the North Western oceans. Uninviting at first impression. Careful study reveals several small, hidden harbors secreted throughout the islands.

Past the Harbors carved into the cliff faces you will find the Home of the Goliath. Inside the Islands you will find much of the interior having been leveled and designated to farmland. Every structure and building on the island seems ancient and maintained. Most of the habitations and public buildings are built either into the cliff faces or under the ground. With much of the surface land devoted to farming, ranching, and the well tended stands of trees.

The entire island almost seems locked in time. A bastion of an ancient people striving to hold to their past. If you happen to gain access in a peaceable manner, any visitor will be carefully monitored and escorted by an appropriate chaperone.

Though it was primarily self sufficient since it’s first settlement, Recent shortages of raw materials have resulted in exceptions to their isolationist mindset and a slow expansion to the mainland.


The Pillars

The Granite Fleet

The Second Sons





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