The Artificers

The Artificers:

The Artificer’s bring with them the knowledge of binding Magic to Machine and are responsible for the act of bring life to what is now known as the Warforged. A race of sentient machines that has thus far been hidden from the rest of the world. They spend their time experimenting with ways to make their constructs better, replacing or upgrading pieces of each one as advancements are achieved.

They are building many of the lower levels of machine to perform manual labor that the community of wizards and other frail creatures are not equipped. These machines provide a way to have large structures created without the need to expend magical energies (beyond the initial surge used to create the construct itself).

They are also highly proficient in adding magical elements to their magical items, a prerequisite to creating constructs, and have offered their services in crafting items such as this for the city that takes them in. They chose Akkar because there is so much magical energy to use in their crafting. They are even willing to teach others the art of Artificing as long as the person is willing to enlist in the guild.

Even though they were not a founding body they do hope to earn their place and become a Primary Organization.

Leader: Ukhund Mithralforge
Typical Races: Dwarves, Gnomes
Member Background: Skilled Craftsmen and Enchanters
Primary Magics: Arcane
Duties: Enchanting and Magical Item Crafting
Boons: +1 INT, Daily crafting progress is doubled
Political Stance: Acceptance of outsiders
Artisan Crafts: Magical Items (All)

The Artificers

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