+2 str
+2 con

9 bonus hit points at first level

Natural armor class 14+ dex when wearing no armor

Alaghi, distant relations to yeti, are forest-dwelling humanoids. They have barrel chests, short necks, and wide, flat heads. Their short legs are thick, their hands and feet are large, and their hair is thick: blond, reddish brown, or charcoal gray. They stand about 6 feet tall and weigh over 300 lbs.

Most alaghi live as semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers. sedentary alaghi set up communities of crude huts or large cave complexes. alaghi communities are generally mistrusted, though some neighbors will trade manufactured goods for pelts, game, and ore. The rarest alaghi are philosophical hermits that have druidic abilities.

The alaghi’s huge fists can inflict 2d6 damage.

Alaghi are trained in stealth.

Alaghi punctuate sentences with hisses, hoots, and grunts.

Alaghi fear things which appear to them as unnatural, including wizard spells, undead creatures, and metal arms and armor.

Role-playing suggestions: These forest dwellers tend to be shy and peaceful. The hermitic alaghi are curious and helpful to those in need. they love riddles and games of strategy, often seeking competition from willing humans and demihumans. They especially enjoy a good game of chess.

Players should pick the alaghi characters background – nomadic or hermitic. most will probably be nomadic, traveling in search of adventure as their less heroic kin seek game and wild plants. nomadic alaghi do not necessarily live in harmony with nature, but they respect it and know how to use it without destroying it.

An alaghi deciding to become an adventurer might leave home for a variety of reasons. A nomad leaves its group to seek knowledge, treasure, or adventure. A hermatic alaghi may decide to give up a life of solitude for some grand cause — one that usually involves concerns of nature and druidic lore.



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