The Beast-Rider is a warrior in a barbarian tribe or clan which has a strong affinity for one type of animal. The animal is the totem of the tribe, and the Beast-Rider makes friends very easily with that type of animal and can train it into a riding beast…even if it’s a type of animal not normally considered a riding-beast.

In his own society, the Beast-Rider is the elite warrior, and he commands a lot of respect among his own kind.

If the animal ever dies, the Beast-Rider can choose another animal of the same type of his companion. The character must seek out another such animal, and may only be satisfied with the healthiest, strongest, greatest examples of this animal, then there must be some kind of binding ritual between beast and man (for example, a physical combat where the human must be able to saddle and ride the animal in spite of its spirited attempts to throw him.


Wisdom of 13 or higher.
Constitution of 13 or higher.
Proficiency in Animal Handling skill
Feat: Mounted Combatant
Character level 5th: at least 1 level of Barbarian, Druid, or Ranger
Complete a special task: Quest to befriend an animal capable of being a mount

Class Features

As a Beast-rider, you gain the following class features.
Hit Points Hit Dice: 1d12 per Beast-rider level
Hit Points per Level: 1d12 (or 7) + your Constitution modifier per Beast-rider level
Proficiencies Tools: None
Saving Throws: None
Skills: Gain proficiency in a chosen skill that your mount is trained.
Equipment: None

Bonded Mount (Level 1)

The Beast-Rider gains an animal as his personal friend and mount. This animal is devoted to him and will risk its own life to save the character; and the character is expected to behave the same way towards his mount.
The mount gets the rider’s proficiency bonus added to its armor, attack rolls, damage, trained skills. DC’s it provides on special attacks / abilities. For each level of Beast-rider the mount will gain a hit dice of hitpoints (plus con).
The barbarian can forfeit one of its attacks to allow the beast to attack instead.

Animal Bond (2nd level)

The Beast-Rider has a telepathic rapport with his animal. When in contact or visual line of sight with his animal, he can tell what the beast is feeling, even thinking if it has some intelligence; he and the animal can communicate with one another without appearing to.
When the two are not within line of sight with one another, each will know the other’s emotional state and whether or not the other is hurt; each will know the direction to travel to find his friend, and the approximate distance.
The Beast-Rider gains advantage to all skill and ability checks related to the chosen animal.

Wade through War (3rd level)

When the barbarian rages the mount companion can make a single attack as the barbarian’s bonus action on each turn.
The mount companion cannot be feared or charmed while the barbarian is raging

Advanced Armor and Barding (4th level)

At level 4 the Beast-Rider can wear more advanced armor without losing any barbarian class features (Unarmored Defense, for example). The mount has proficiency in barding.

Bestial Fury (5th level)

5th level the Beast-Riders mount can make two attacks when it is commanded to use its attack action.

Gain the Mounted Warrior Feet



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