Half-ogres are hulking brutes, the offspring of the rare coupling of a human and an ogre. Though often despised by both parents, they combine the brutish strength of their ogre parent with the intellect and adaptability of the human one, making them quite formidable.

Half-Ogre Names
Half-Ogre names often depend on whether the Half-Ogre is raised in a human community or an ogre community.

First Names

Borall, Zegert, Duzelg, Terguruz, Zogerkag, Segolt, Fogalt, Murgogolg, Kegguralg , Burargl, Yorzurg, Turang, Agrut

Surname Names

Goldtooth, the Scourge, Axegrinder, Shadowback, the Wrecker, Gorechomper, Daemonbane, Grumblegut, Nailpuller, Braingobbler, Skullsplitter, Chartooth, Beerguzzler.

Half-Ogre Traits

Ability Score Increase
Your Strength score increases by 3. One other ability score of your choice also increases by 1.

Half-ogres reach adulthood in their mid-to-late teens and have a natural lifespan of around 60 years.

Half-ogres have a natural tendency to resist rules and so they most often follow chaotic alignments.

Half-ogres stand 8 to 9 feet in height and can weigh up to 450 pounds. Your size is large. Large creatures have the following characteristics: -Your carrying capacity is doubled. -In combat you occupy a 10 ft. × 10 ft. space. -You cannot be grappled by size small or tiny creatures. -You can move through the space of a hostile creature of size small or tiny (and such a creature can move through your space).

Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

You can speak, read and write Common and Giant.

You have superior vision in dark and conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light.

Giant Grip
All weapons from the Player’s Handbook that have the heavy or two-handed are treated like they don’t have heavy or two-handed (dual wield two-handed weapons).

Mighty Wielder
While you can use the weapons described in the Player’s Handbook, you are also large enough to be able to wield special oversized weapons. An oversized weapon costs four times more and weighs twice as much as a normal-sized weapon of the same type. The damage dice of an oversized increases by one size category (only applies to two-handed weapons).

Big and Tall
Due to your size, you cannot use armor designed for medium and small sized creatures. Instead, you must use oversized armor that is specifically designed to fit your larger body type. This armor costs four times more than comparable armor and weighs twice as much as the armors listed in the Player’s Handbook. If your class or background grants you a suit of armor as part of your starting equipment, this armor is of the oversized type instead.

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