By magic, psionics, communing with spirits or otherwise, there are special people who have a sixth sense. These people sense things invisible to most others. As a mystic do you see your power as a curse rather than a gift? Are you able to control your power or does it happen randomly? Is it given to you by a greater power or did these powers develop over time?

Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Religion

Tool Proficiencies: None

Languages: Celestial, Infernal or Abyssal

Equipment: A protective symbol, a set of mystics clothes, a quill, a bottle of ink and 5 sheets of paper, a set of bones, a pendulum, a page with an important person or event described on it and a belt pouch containing 10gp


d10 Specialization

1 Spirit Medium
2 Oracle
3 Shaman
4 Excorcist
5 Empath
6 Clairvoyant
7 Angel Whisperer
8 Astrologist
9 Numerologist
10 Prophet

Feature: Portent

With your special gift, you are able to sense peoples feelings or see a fraction of what is yet to come. At your DM’s approval, you may have a random sense of an emotion or a vision at any time.

Suggested Characteristics

d8 Personality Trait

1 I sometimes see dead people
2 I often have vivid dreams or nightmares
3 I talk soft and mellow
4 I blurt out feelings and situations to random people I meet
5 I show strong feelings of empathy
6 I intoxicate myself to allow my powers
7 I read people’s psyche and silently judge them
8 I look up at the sky, expecting a sign of portent

d6 Ideal

1 Prevention I want to prevent the bad things happening to innocent people. (Good)
2 Guidance Fate cannot be prevented, I can only guide people to theirs (Neutral)
3 Manipulation I will use my power to gain control over the ignorant people (Evil)
4 Responsibility It’s my responsibility to show people the way I know how (Lawful)
5 Intuition I follow what whims are shown to me (Chaotic)
6 Refusal I want this burden taken away from me (Any)

d6 Bond

1 I have a twin with whom I share this power
2 I know a secret that could have devastating consequences if not mentioned to the right person
3 I have seen/known the presence of a special person I want to meet
4 Since I’ve heard about The Source of Destiny I want to find it
5 Two forces are telling me to go to a direction opposite of each other
6 I am tasked with the resurrection of a dead entity

d6 Flaw

1 I have random black-outs
2 My powers don’t happen at will
3 I tend to avoid people because my powers put stress on me
4 I get random bouts of paranoia
5 I have an addiction
6 I guess peoples feelings, character or birth date and am usually wrong


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